FreeAgent is an easy-to-use online accounting software intended for small businesses of up to 10 employees. This will include most kinds of freelancers, contractors and consultants. Whether you are just getting started, or are already in business, FreeAgent can save you time.

FreeAgent is completely web-based, so there’s nothing to download, update, or install on your computer, and you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection. FreeAgent gives you a real-time overview of your business finances making it easy for you to track your cashflow and other important financial reports of your business in real-time.

All information which passes between their servers and your computer is encrypted using a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same technology that banks use to protect data. FreeAgent own their hardware and host their dedicated servers with The Bunker, one of the most secure hosting providers in the world.

There are no restrictions on the number of transactions you can process in FreeAgent. You can also choose to give access to as many people as necessary for your business. As your accountants, we’ll also have access to your FreeAgent account which enables us to deliver instant, accurate and more relevant advice on an up-to-date set of figures.

At Surya & Co, we offer FreeAgent access as an optional package for an extra £20 + VAT per month.

How to use FreeAgent | Video guides

Creating an invoice


Sending an invoice


Record an expense


Record a mileage claim


Set up a bank feed


Mission control