At Surya & Co, we are delighted to partner with Empire Commercial Finance.

Empire Commercial Finance was first established in 2014. They are Panel representative of the whole market including all High Street and Challenger Banks

Their team consists of highly experienced ex-banking and specialist lending professionals with combined knowledge and experience in various commercial sectors.

They have the ability to structure deals and complete more complex case scenarios

They specialise mainly in:

Commercial Finance

Short term loans

Bridging Finance

Buy to let Mortgages

Development & Refurbishment Finance.

A recent report on SME access to finance which was carried out by The Genesis Initiative and presented in the House of Commons confirmed…

more than half of small business owners (52.5%) approach their high street bank first, despite the growth in alternative sources, but 46% of these were declined.

Half of those who were declined then chose to look no further for funding believing that there were no other avenues to explore”

Common Issues with the high street Lenders:

  • Lower LTV limits
  • More stringent stress testing on DSCR which can impact heavily on the loan amount
  • Typically loans only considered on Capital repayment basis
  • High Street Lenders will normally want Debentures over all Assets

Specialist Lending Alternatives

  • Higher LTV limits
  • More favourable stress testing resulting in larger loan sizes
  • Loans on Interest Only basis which helps cash-flow
  • DON’T insist on Debentures over other Assets